adding a second parallax page

Hi! Great wordpress template btw. I’ve created a new page, and when I click on HOMEPAGE as the template, it uses just the homepage and i can’t seem to use it as a template to tweak to use for another page. Ultimately I’m trying to use the parallax that shapely has for the static front page, but retool it for a separate call to action page. Is there a way to do this or no?

I would also like to know this. I’ve tried to get the homepage widgets to show on any other pages with no avail. Its always that simple sidebar array of widgets.


@grizzlyburrito None of the content appear on the home page? Make sure you did all the steps in the documentation, Shapely Theme Documentation - Colorlib like applying a page template to a page named “Homepage” and then set that to Settings -> Readings -> Front Page -> Static page, and then set all the widgets via Appearance -> Widgets -> Homepage.

@borris120, You can try this plugin, Widget Shortcode – WordPress plugin | or you can, custom code a widget area and use that to display on a particular page, but it needs a lot of code changes.

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