Adding a SIDEBAR to the UNITE front page/home page or static page


I found the FRONT-PAGE-PHP template… please can someone send me the code to replace it with, so I can show a sidebar or selected widgets on the right of the Unite homepage/front page - ie. the static page

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You can set the sidebar to either left or right by going to Appearance > Customize > Unite Options > Layout Options then select the left or right sidebar option. After doing that, simply go to Appearance > Widgets and add a widget to the sidebar.

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I’ve done that, sorry, I’m looking to add a sidebar to a static front or home page. At the moment, when you assign a given page as the homepage it removes the sidebar. There’s no customization option to put it back.

Sidebar is working fine on every other page.

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I came across the same issue. I ended up adding a front-page.php file in my child theme with the template that I wanted for the front page. In your case, I would just copy over the php contents (you can skip the template comments on the top) of page-sidebar-right.php into the version of front-page.php in your child theme.