Adding an Image slider on About or Jumbotron Section an remove the skill sliders

Hello again!
Can I Remove from About Section the Sliders and replace with an Image Slider ( carousel )?

Also On jumbotron section can it be inserted an Image slider on Entry field ?
Can it be inserted an image slider ( carousel ) with text option from the box ?
I need a few images and when i click on image to zoom in and navigate on slides .

How Testimonials and Latest News can be made to autoslide ?

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You can add a new slider but you would have to use a third party plugin to add a new slider.

As it goes for the Testimonials and Latest News widgets, they do not have a slider function built in already so you would have to customize them with new code, here is a link to a developer that can help:

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The link provided on the previeous reply is invalid :


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