Adding Links

How can I add links that will be clickable to the entry text in About, Team, etc. as well as in the widgets text in those sections? Thanks- Matt

Hello Matt,

The current entry fields is stripping any HTML syntax, but it’s something we are considering to improve as soon as possible.

Inside the Text Widget you can add HTML, so your link should look something like this:

<a href="test">test</a>

Let me know if you got it right.
Have a great day!

I tried that (in the services section) however rather than displaying the link it displays extra text like this: Learn More where learn more was the test page.

I attached a screenshot. The website is:

I also tried with a full link in case that made a difference but it did not: Learn More



Like the previous response said, you have to use the “Text” widget. I had the same problem as you but then added a text widget, which allowed hyper links. In my screenshot I wanted to put a link under the birthday cake icon in the small paragraph, but it literally displayed the whole hyperlink code like in your screenshot. So on my page, I have 3 “services” widgets, then a blank text widget (in order to center the next text widget), then another text widget with my hyper link. I hope this helps.

OK, I thought I had to use the section specific widget not a plain text widget. I’ll give that a try. Thanks!

Dear Colorlib and @capforge,
This is a fantastic explanation on how to insert links.
I managed to do show the linked text, but I could not control where the link was going (what the hyperlink text was linking…).
It probably sounds very stupid to you, but I am a total novice (only started today on creating a site).
Please kindly advice on how to control the link going to a specific landing page/ landing section.
Much appreciated,

To me more specific on my previous request, can you please give me the customised code on how to link the following:

  1. on a page I want to refer people to testimonials: how do write this link - code?
  2. on a page I want to refer people on another page from my site;
  3. on a page I want to refer people on another page from another site.
    Greatly appreciated,

Hello Cecilia,

Please create a new forum support topic so we don’t hijack Matt’s one.

To format URLs you need to check out this:

For example, the link to testimonials sections have an ID anchor that needs to be at the end of the URL like this:

To point to another website your syntax will look like this:

<a href="" target="_blank">Visit W3Schools!</a>

I hope this gets you forward.

Best regards

Many thanks, this was really helpful.
best regards.