Adding Recent Posts to Homepage


I first wanted to say thanks so much for maintaining a great forum! I’ve been looking through past threads about how to add recent posts to the homepage and after exploring about 5 different options, I’ve decided nothing really fits what I’m looking for. I want my recent posts to display like they do on the Illdy theme (see screenshot). I tried installing the Illdy companion widgets and giving it a try on the Shapely theme (you have guessed correctly, this didn’t work) and all of the other recent post widgets I’ve tried haven’t match the style I’m after.

I’m not a coder so I have no idea how to write the CSS myself. Any ideas? My website is in maintenance mode but I’d be happy to send a guest login if you want to view it for reference.



You can use this Child theme ( or copy that child theme files and merge with your child theme, if you’re using a child theme ) after that use this plugin Post Grid – WordPress plugin | Sardu or some other “post grid” plugin and put that on the home page, it will do the trick. :slight_smile:

Let us know,