Adding text (e.g. email address, phone #, etc.) to top right corner of theme

Shapely doesn’t seem to have a widget for adding text to the top right corner of the theme. How do I do this manually? I have deleted both the header and footer from the theme with the following code:

header {
display: none;
footer {
display: none;

Below I’ve attached two screenshots, the first is how my website currently looks, the second is how I want my website to look. Any vagueness in my questions should be cleared up with those two attachments. Also, if the solution is to add custom CSS, please be specific in your instructions. I have limited coding experience and big words like “attach the hypertext to the php file in the third slip of the thirteen,” scare me. Simple is clever.

Thanks so much,


Hi Andrew,

Sorry for a late response, anyway can you show us the website link? I didn’t understand with the screenshot too, sorry. You mean you want to change the styles of those “testing the waters” text? If so, pass us the Website address, we can provide you the Custom CSS.

Let us know,