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Hi there

Unfortunately my hosting company has made a change to my site and in doing so broken SiteOrigins Widgets (they are trying to fix it).

One of the many effects is that the’ Appearance > Customise ’ element won’t load (see Method A in screenshot).

Is there a way, maybe on the front end/view source, to see the Additional CSS I had on the site (there was quite alot in there)? I’m having to do a full rebuild so it would be good to be able to easily grab all that CSS and use it on the rebuild.

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Hi there

same here? is this also fixed? i see your site is no longer have problem with the siteorigin plugin,
regarding the question, so you want to grad css code added in the customer and move it to somewhere else?

Hi Noda

Thanks for replying.

You are right! The host company has finally fixed the issue (although I rebuilt the site another host in the meantime!).

Yeah close it. Thanks for your help. You guys do a great job.

Ok, i will close this case now, Feel free to contact us again if you have other questions