Adventure template top slider

Is it possible to add more images/divs to Adventure template top slider?

I did tried to, but the new one just goes below the previous one, so they are visible in same slide.

See the attached screenprint

How I did it? I just copied one of whole slide/div, paste it under last one and change the img, but it seems not to work. Is there maybe some ‘max’ for slides in css/js?

Own fault … I had there just 1 extra <b> in one slide text.
What I did, how I find it?

I unzip an other copy of all to new folder, copy/paste same amount of slides than in my failed one.

It works, no problem at all, every slide works perfect. Then I firts change everything from <div class=“banner-content text-center”> to end </div>, but it didn’t help.

OK, I change everything back and start to take only all texts inside those divs, and doing that I saw that extra <b> there. Rest was smooth and easy.

Seems like there is no any maximum in those slides, just copy/paste as many you need :slight_smile:

I wrote this what happen, if anyone face the similar problem.

Case closed

Hi, there

Ok, I will now close the topic and mark it as resolved.
Feel free to contact us again Thanks!