advice about menu conflict

I am using WordPress 4.7.2 and Activello 1.1.1 with a child theme that only has some minor changes. I am trying to use a plugin called Booking Calendar and for some odd reason, when activated, it interferes with the drop-down menu but only when in narrow screen mode (ie the toggle menu for mobile). None of the drop-down items display on the menu and none of the top level menu items that have a sub-menu work (if there is no sub-menu they work OK). The plugin uses Bootstrap 3.3.5.

Is it likely to be something to do with an inconsistency between the bootstrap.js file used by the plugin and the one used by the theme? (I’m just guessing here…). Any ideas how I can test or resolve it? Appreciate your advice.


Hi Kitka,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

Could you please share me your site URL where it’s happening so that i can troubleshoot it?

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Thanks for looking into it. Please see this page:

In a wide browser window the menu has various sub-menus but if you reload the page in a narrow window, with the toggle menu, none of the sub-menus appear and the top level items are not clickable. However if you move off this page, the menu will work. The Booking Calendar plugin only loads on this page where it is in use.


To resolve the issue could you please try using any of the following plugins to display mobile menu?

Hi Movin,
I tested both of those plugins, but neither made the sub-menu work properly on mobile unfortunately.


Then it seem there is major conflicting issue in that Booking Calendar plugin so please contact the plugin developer regarding this.