After installing Illdy Theme I cant login into my WP acount or access my website


I’ve just installed Illdy Theme and I lost everything… I can’t even access my website, even my wordpress account. If you access my website there is a message >> Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STATIC in /home/content/44/8548044/html/ld/wp-content/themes/illdy/inc/components/entry-meta/ on line 50 <<

What can I do to get it back working or to get login into my WP account again?


  1. First make sure your PHP version is at least 5.4+, if you’re not knowing, ask your host about this, and if you’re lower version, ask them to update, WordPress & illdy supports only 5.4+ `You could read more about it here: Requirements |

  2. In the meantime, you can Login to your FTP using Filezilla or any other FTP app, if you don’t know the FTP login ask your host they will help you to get it, and remove the illdy theme from wp-content/themes folder, and reinstall it, and also install the illdy companion plugin after PHP update, it will fix the issue.

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