After removing the sidebar of product title and categories, logo disappears!


We have incorporated woocommerce into illdy theme. We managed to find the solution to remove the sidebar from shop page of woocommerce by using the following code:

.woocommerce-page .col-sm-7 { width: 100%; }
.woocommerce-page .col-sm-4 { display: none; }

However, the code has caused our primary menu to shift from the top right to centre and has caused the logo position to disappear. How can we solve the problem by getting the logo back? We are fine with the menu remaining at the center.

Thank you.

Did you find a solution to this? I did a similar thing, I widened my product area using the visual editor on a css plugin I have. It’s easier for me that way as I know very little about coding. Now my logo and menu have switched sides and look terrible. I’m trying to get it back to being the logo on the left and the menu on the right. I tried moving them both using the visual editor again but even though the menu was back on the right the submenu drop down appears “floating” on the left on its own.