After Update No More Right Sidebar

Right Sidebar has disappeared from posts and pages after the latest update. As option, left sidebar, no sidebar and defaulr are available. I used to use right sidebar as default with illdy 1.0.29.
My web page is It is written in Turkish.

I got a similar issue after an update and noticed that in new versions they put, inside appearance - widget section, a voice for blog sidebar (i think for posts) and one for page sidebar. Maybe you have to populate them again with your items?

I replaced page.php with the page.php of illdy 1.0.29 . Now it is working.


As far as I can tell, @nizmo solution is the way forward.

We recently added the support for full-width posts and blog pages, so you might need to repopulate your sidebar with the information.

If there’s nothing in the sidebar information, the pages will stretch on the full width and center, so let me know if this is not working as expected and I’ll start an investigation in the shortest time.

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