Again my licence purchase


Again my license does not let me download the templates, it asks me to purchase a new license.

I remain attentive.

Hi there

May I know when did you make a purchase?

Thanks in advance


Lifetime license purchase in may of 2020,


Sorry, license terms were changed, its one year license now, im sorry for that

My license is for life, they cannot change the terms of a license already acquired, I demand an explanation as this is an outrage and a robbery. :angry:

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I bought it in October 2020, as a lifetime license. You are not allowed to limit this license, or the terms of this license, simply after the purchase to your advantage, and thus to my disadvantage, to a term of one year. The conditions that came with the purchase agreement was, among other things, the license without expiration date.
I hereby request you to unlock my access accordingly.

[Order #289791] (October 11, 2020)

Hi @keksautomat

I understand your situation, but unfortunately I don’t have any privileges to do such action :frowning:

Hi @colorlibsupport
How can i contact the authorized person? Your contact form does not work (see picture, same on my computer)

There must be a contact us form on the page

I am trying to purchase a copyright removal licence - I go to the licencing page. It asks for me to select a template but it sends me to the download of the template that I have purchased not to any option to buy the copyright licence. I am being completely stupid?


“sends me to the download of the template that I have purchased” - if you already purchased item and its downloaded then no further steps are required, just remove the footer credit