Align all checkout forms to center


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Great, Please let us know if there are any other issues or if it is alright to close this thread.

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The only thing that I still need help with in the checkout is the Stripe credit card icons, but I guess i need to handel that with stripe?


What is wrong with the stripe icons? its its easy css issue maybe we can help :slight_smile:
p.s. still coming soon page is enabled and cant see

OK. that would be great! Thank you so much.

I would like the Stripe icons (the credit card icons of American Express, Visa and Mastercard) to be in colour. And as big as the PayPal icon.

Is that possible?

I’ve disabled the coming soon mood.


HI @nabseth

Sorry, but this can not be fixed with css :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have other questions

ok thx anyway.

One more thing, is it possible to align the buttons in the cart page? the buttons for the coupon code is not that aligned vertically and is a bit weird. it looks good in desktop, but when in mobile it behaves a bit strange…

See screenshot from iphone6


Try this css:

.woocommerce-page #content table.cart td.actions .coupon .input-text {
width: 50%;