Align image with section header

Hi, is it possible to have a left-column image on the home page align with the top of the section header in the right column? This is the site: I’ve attached a screenshot of the image that I’d like to top-align with the section header. Thanks!

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To align the two sections, you will need to modify the template and remove the display css rules which is causing the image adjustment.

Please use this plugin to create temporary access for us, its automatic login link and does not requires sharing your admin details. here is How To guide. at the and don’t forget about  “Set as private reply” at the bottom of the message box

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Thank you so much for your help! Here is the temp login link:

Looks like its already resolved?

this is what I see, please check the attachment,

Thanks for taking a look, Noda! Is there a way to have the image aligned at the top with “Our Approach” instead of the paragraph text? If not it’s okay, just wanted to check because the owner prefers to not have the space above the image. Thanks!

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Looks like you already did this? image is aligned properly to the heading right now? :slight_smile:

Oh great! I didn’t make any changes to it but maybe someone else on your team did? Thanks!!

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I’m glad to hear the good news.

Feel free to let me know in case something else comes up :slight_smile: