All posts now appearing in slider

Not sure if the theme was updated or not, but ALL my posts are now showing up as featured in the slider on my website instead of just the most recent four.

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I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

In the latest version of theme we have removed the slider posts restriction so it displays all the slider posts having slider category.

You can control which posts to display in the slider by adding or removing slider category from the posts.

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Where is the slider category located in the post editor?

The slider category is the category which you have chosen in the slider option as shown in the first attached screenshot.

Then you can get all posts of this category from categories page as displayed in the second attached screenshot.


Can this be undone? Meaning, not have unlimited slides? How do I put the slider maximum back to 4?

I liked it the way it was before and tried to find a fix a few months ago, among other posts requesting help, without having to create a username/password. Checking again, I now see why I see unlimited slides (due to an update).

I had to disable my slider to avoid having so many slides appearing. Personally & professionally, I do not believe it looks good to have endless slides appearing under either one or multiple categories. For example, if one or multiple slides end up totaling 100, 60, 30 or even just 12; it’s too much.

Thank you!!



If you still want it as the older way then you can try achieving this using the child theme shared in the following topic.

I appreciate your response. It appears I don’t have any choice.

It seems to me that rather than make people have to “try achieving” (I take it to mean no guarantee) that child theme would be reserved for “new” things versus trying to get back something they already had.

I spent countless hours researching and reading before choosing Activello. Everything that was in place was the reason I chose it. As it was stated it would be the only one I’d ever need again. That certainly appealed greatly to me.

But now, I’m forced to go off trying yet something else unfamiliar to me as if I have nothing else to do with my time. I’m stretched thin as it is trying to do everything myself and grow.

We received many requests to make this change in the theme so we did and provided option as a child theme to the users who don’t want this change like you. The child theme is not reserved for new changes, the child theme is used if you want to make any change in the theme. A lot of people use child theme on their site in advance even if they don’t want to make any changes in the theme so that if they want to change anything in theme then they can do it easily and using child theme doesn’t hurt their site anyway.