All slider images showing briefly on homepage

Hello Aigars,

I am noticing after I deleted the responsive code (because mobile phones would not show correctly) it made it so that when you load the homepage, all of my slider images are on the page and stacked on top of each other. After about 5 seconds the site goes to normal slider. Any ideas why?


There is a very simple answer for this but there is almost no solution unless you rethink your entire website building strategy.

To loads your website it requires 279 (!!!) requests.

Our demo requires only 60.

It means that your website will load at least 5 times slower than our website and there are so insanely many scripts added in your website source that browsers has no idea what to render and in which order.

Just should get rid of at least half of your plugins and scripts to solve anything. Needless to say that no buyer will wait 10 or more second on each page load and of course Google will never rank you on top because your website is much, much slower than others.

Unfortunately, I can’t help you with this one.

Thanks for the explanation! I did some clean up and it seems to be running better now. It no longer loads in that way. I am an amateur web developer trying to help a friend, so I don’t know the best ways to build a website. I had wordpress experience from years ago, so i’m doing my best to pick it up. Also, we are selling plenty even with slow load times. :slight_smile: I want to be as efficient as possible… in due time.



I see that you have removed almost 100 request from first page and that will definitely help to land more sales. Great job! :slight_smile: