All Templates License Certificate - Not able to download templates anymore

I have bought “All Templates License Certificate” but can’t see any option to download. I did not have a Colorlib account as I used my paypal account to buy the license, now I have created this account with the same email used for purchase, could you please link the two?

Let me know if you need anything.


Unfortunately, your license expired in June. You need to renew your license to continue to download our templates.
You can continue to use templates that you already have.

Nothing stated that my license was only for a year. This was for all time use.

It has always been a one year license. We just didn’t enforce it that strictly until now.

Hi Aigars, so am looking to create some videos on WordPress and sharing them on multiples like youtube and the likes, using your HTML template. however, I will like to know if the extended licence is all I need. my reason is that I am creating more than one would that be okay. ? 2. The HTML will be shared for people to follow along I hope that is fine as well. kindly advise.

Hey there

Thank you for your interest but the first part of the question is not so clear, can you please add a little bit more details?
If you share it just for showcasing its ok, but you cant distribute it

Hi, thanks for replying. so am looking to use some your template to create WordPress video tutorials on youtube and some other platform. and looking to use 5 HTML from your platform and was wondering if buying the extended licences will be enough for them. However, I will also be providing the HTML template for followup of the tutorial will that be okay that was my question.