All Travelify pages w/ LEFT sidebar, but woocommerce single products go RIGHT


I set all the Travelify pages to have Left sidebar, but single product pages from using woocommerce are coming with right sidebar by default.

Woocommerce seems to be calling a template in the theme: in the sidebar.php file inside woocommerce it has “get_sidebar(‘shop’)”

I can’t find anything related to ‘shop’ in the theme, though. I tried changing the sidebar.php file in the Travelify theme to left, but didn’t work (now I changed back). I don’t know how ‘shop’ is related to.

Just as a quick fix, I put the same content on both Left and Right sidebar widgets, but I’d much rather have all sidebars in the page in the left.


I will release fix in the next theme version.

For now you can add this to Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS or inside Child Theme style.css if one is used.

.left-sidebar-template #content-woocommerce {
	float: right;
.left-sidebar-template #secondary {
	margin-left: 0;

Now left sidebar should work just fine for WooCommerce

Hi Aigars!

Worked very well, many thanks!

I will still try to figure out for myself, but I can make the note here anyways, if you are releasing a fix: either before or after using this fix, the proportion between sidebar and main page are not the same when you compare regular pages on the theme and single product pages on woocommerce. I suppose that’s because each is using their own template?

Thanks again,


Hi Aigars -

I have added a WooCommerce shop to my site <> but the left sidebar will not display on the shop page.

Additionally, I have added Custom CSS to make the sidebar larger:

#secondary {
margin-left: 2.5%;
width: 25%;
#primary {
margin-left: 2.5%;
width: 70%;

Do you have any suggestions for adding the sidebar to the WooCommerce shop page (the ideal solution) or to hide the sidebar on this page (it looks clunky with the large space where the secondary sidebar should be)? I have already tried to add/hide the sidebar through the Shop page, selecting default layout, no sidebar, and left sidebar options under Edit Page, but none of these settings have effected any change to the page display.

Thank you in advance for your help.



I have been able to get rid of the extra space due to the Custom CSS above by adding the following Custom CSS:

#content-woocommerce {
margin-left: 2.5%;
width: 95%;

I still can’t get the left sidebar to display, so any help there would be appreciated.

Sorry for late response.

WooCommerce due to different page template uses Right sidebar on both left and right sidebar. It just moves it from one side to another.