An other "Read More" problem



Since the start of my blog i use the sparkling theme and it is great and i had some help here to do the things i wanted to have. Now after some LONG time it updated the theme (and wordpress) and suddenly some things changed and did stop working, most annyoing the “read more” button (in german Weiterlesen).

I know i can check the show excerpts but that does not give me the result i want and need, as the length until the buttons comes is fixed (55 characters by default if i am right) and there is an ugly […] at the end of the text.

I want to use the “more” tag from WordPress and that the read more button appears if the tag is set and most important where it is set. Not cutting text before, not showing text after. If the text is 2 lines and then the more tag, it should show that way and if there are 200 lines and then the more tag, than it should show it like i planned it.

Question now: How can i set the theme that the read more button is shown when and where the more tag is set?

It used to be that way until i updated the theme and i did not change it back then, that was by default.

Kind regards

Ok … me dumb … right after this post i found the solution. Thank you!

Awesome great to see you got that found.

Please advise if you have more questions.

Have a fantastic day!