Anchor-linking post titles in a static front page.

I’m using a static front page with 5 limited posts per pages - the rest are automatically placed in page 2,3, etc. I’m using social share buttons but they’re linking to the posts separately i.e it doesn’t link to the static front page, but a specific page with only that single post.
I want each shared link to send the user to the specific part of the page where that post is (not summarized but fully visible) on the relevant front page. This way, users can just scroll up or down for more posts on the same page.

I tried anchor-linking (which kind of worked) but the social media buttons were still sending users to single post pages - even when I added the new permalink in the text editor.

I literally just started with Wordpress (and web-design) and have amazed myself at how far I’ve gotten - so please grade your suggestions!

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Edit: Here’s a link to the site for a clearer picture:

Hi Fiksimi,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

Those buttons are placed by social share buttons plugin that you are using on your site and the theme doesn’t have any control on it so you have to contact social share buttons plugin author regarding this.

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Hello Movin.

I understand that but aren’t the plugins following the default links to begin with? If I can manipulate the original posts then the plugins would follow suit.

There must be a way to always link to the static home page - even when I click on the post title itself.

Appreciate the response and I hope this can be solved.

Update: I tried not adding a post title at all. Instead, I used the visual editor to create a heading ( as the title) - turned that into an anchored link…but the social buttons are still linking to the specific post page!

Also, Wordpress would leave a big fat “Untitled” sign for my title…because I left it blank. That’s not helpful at all…it’s blank for a reason.

Still open to suggestions!

It is not about title or links but it is about how the plugin is coded to function so please contact plugin author regarding this.

Thanks for the response.

I’ve given up trying as it doesn’t seem to be worth it in the end.

You are most welcome here :slight_smile: