Apostrophe becomes '

Hi great theme!
I am writing “farmers’ children” in the Entry field of a Services section widgets and the apostrophe turns into ' . What am I doing wrong? THANKS!

Hello @pierpaolo,

That’s quite strange.

I have added “farmers’ children” to both services fields and it seems alright on my site.

Maybe you can try adding some other type of apostrophe, like this one: ’

Let me know if your problem is still present.


thanks for your reply. My problem is not in the title section but, rather in the entry of the widget. Can you try that for me? Thanks!

Yes, me too!
(In services, not in testimonials) Theme version 1.0.11.

In French, we often used the apostrophe.
I have been obliged to modify my text in order not to use apostrophe :slight_smile:

It is in Services, see the picture.

Please, note that is done in two time:

First step, you write your text on the left with an apostrophe, on the right, after refreshment you have an ' instead of an apostrophe.
Second step, when you save your page, the apostrophe in the original text become a… '

Please, see the picture shots at the second step :).

Regards, José.


This is still quite a strange behaviour to me.

I’ll continue with the investigation, can you guys please try to use other form of symbol like the one below?

Thank you


Thanks for your theme, it is really practical and good-looking !
However, I can confirm the issue with the apostrophe that has been reported in this topic: I encounter the same problem.
So I’ve been trying the symbol that you gave in your last reply, and I can confirm that it works fine with this character, thank you !

I still have a question though, with a very similar issue. The same way that apostrophes become &amp;#039;, the symbols < and > become &lt; and &gt;
My idea here was to add a double <br> in order to leave a blank line. Looks like I can’t !

If you have any solution, that would be very welcome.
Thank you

Hello @gotiny,

We are still investigating this issue and looking for the best solution, but right now the theme does not support HTML syntax and that’s why you get this behaviour.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


So no way to leave blank lines between paragraphs ? :frowning:
It’s too bad because as soon as you have more than 4-5 lines, it looks too bulky and no one will read it
Also being able to add bold text to highlight a few words or sentences would be great!