Appearance & Widgets not working after WP update

Hi - My Appearance & Widgets sections have not been working since the wordpress update. I can get into the sections, but none of the links in either section works. And in the widgets, not only am I unable to click on the widget links, I can’t even see the ones I currently have loaded, so I can’t edit my bio or add or remove new widgets. Kind of a big drag. I am not very technical and I don’t code, so any layman’s terms sort of help would be greatly appreciated. Also, I downloaded it in October, so I am pretty sure I have the latest version. My site is: Thank you in advance =)

It looks more that you are having some permission problems with either your web hosting or your WordPress installation. Do you still have administrator right for your website to access these features?

Also make sure to disable completely all plugins you have installed on your website to see if it does anything. Once all plugins are disabled and it still doesn’t work try to switch to any other theme such as Twenty Fourteen (WordPress default theme). If this doesn’t help then you have completely broken your website installation and will have to reinstall it.