article width


I want to change the width of the articles that it fit the header and slider but when I do it there is a spacing on the left and it looks not good.

Here’s a screenshot:Screenshot

Can you help me?

Theme is not designed to be used that way, so there is no easy solution for that. However, there is a quick fix but you might run into several other problems such as featured image size, content width etc.

#main {
    padding: 0;
#main.container {
    max-width: 100%;

Hmmm thanks for the quick reply but it doesn’t work.

Please post your website URL and I will create a proper solution. Probably you have changed some code in the theme, so this solution no longer works.

Here’s the link, I changed the size to default now. Can you find something?

Try adding this:

.one-column-template .container {
    width: 708px;

Now you will have to increase featured image size from 680px to 708px via functions.php file where is is defined and then you will have to regenerate thumbnails. There are several plugins that will do just that because WordPress doesn’t regenerate thumbnails automatically for posts that are already published.

Still doesn’t work, same Problem at the site.
There must be some padding or something or? But i can’t find it

Try adding this and

#main.container {
padding: 20px 0;

remove this

#main {
padding: 0x;

Because there is mistake in your code.

Finally it worked! Thank you very much.
One (hopefully little) problem left, the text padding from left in Header and Footer is gone, is this possible to solve?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

This should do the trick. You can tweak this code to suite your needs.

.hgroup-wrap {
    padding: 10px 0 30px 30px;
#site-generator .copyright {
    padding: 0 20px;

Worked! Thank you I love it!
But next Problem, I generated the Thumbnails but now theres a white padding right to the Post picture you can see at the Test post.

Sorry for the circumstances but it’s nearly perfect!

EDIT: I got it, now it’S perfect!!! :slight_smile: Thank you.