Auto-fit youtube videos into posts?

Hi there!

Awesome theme, just changed over today. I embed youtube vids into my posts and it’s too large and blurry.

Is there some custom CSS I can use to make embedded youtube videos not get too large and blurry in single posts?

my site if it matters:

Hi @ronnie55,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

I visited your shared post and the youtube video is displaying the same size which you defined in the iframe as shown in the attached screenshot.

Please advise.

Best Regards,

Hey, thanks!

I guess I just don’t understand how to change the size.

I didn’t manually define anything. I just pasted the youtube URL into the text editor in Wordpress and it embeds the video.

I guess I need to find some custom CSS to limit how big the iframe gets. Not sure. Its just oversized and blurry by default right now w/ this theme (I am not suggesting it is the theme’s fault)

You can try changing the width of the video as described on the below pages.