Autoclose responsive menu after item selection

I would like for the responsive menu to disappear after a menu item has been clicked/tapped. Due to the menu links being singlepage anchors this functionality is missing. Is there any setting in the theme dash I might have overlooked that will enable this?

Part two of my question is that I attempted to achieve this with an added script, but after saving changes to the scripts JS file I get a source map error (status 404) for several of the min files. Having previously not compiled minified JS myself I’m very grateful for any assistance in this matter. As far as I can tell no functionality is broken on the site so it’s unclear whether the scripts load despite these errors.

Best regards,


Hi pok

Im sorry but there is no such option to change this behavior, without customization of this functionality its not possible to make this changes

Thank you for your very swift reply. As I suspected then but wanted to make sure, thanks.

You are always welcome :slight_smile: