Autofill in link field of homepage parallax widget

I’ve been both enamored with the front page widgets and limited by all sidebar formats. I understand this widget was not a bespoke project created for me, at the same time I have achieved the necessary workaround to create what I need out of what exists. This is the last necessary fix, please advise how to adjust this.

I’ve been trying to drop shortcode in the link field of mentioned widgets so as to utilize a popup plugin and use our contact form plugin. When I insert [xyzshortcode], before I can save it is autofilled to https://[xyz%short#code].com or something to that effect. I need a workaround.



Can you tell me which widget you’re trying? If you’re using a text widget, then use this technique to enable the shortcode in the text widget. Add this in your child theme’s functions.php


More info:

That will enable the shortcode in the text widget, if you’re using some other widgets, let me know.

PS: You can use this Child theme, that will support the other widgets in the home.

Let us know,