Backend full of HTML blocks


I can not really work on my different blocks. Every block on my whole website is showed as “Als HTML behalten”. What did I wrong? Please help me. (see screenshot)

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Hi Eveline

This depends on the content of the page, if im not wrong you used a page builder or other themes on your website? “themeisle” now the content was not recognized and Guttenberg is turning them into HTML blocks

Exactly, I use a page builder. But I worked on it for several weeks, and it was never a problem.
What can I do? Deactivate Gutenberg?

Thanks for your answer.

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Eveline, most probably you deactivated page builder? I think you need to contact page builder support for best solution


Thanks, it’s really awful, I can’t work anymore on this website.
There is no way to convert HTML in normal blocks.

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Ok, let me know if anything is required from my side :slight_smile:

Have a good weekend