Background colour change and child theme

Hi can someone please provide the CSS code to change the background colour of the About, Services and Contact Us sections.

Also does anyone have a link to a working child theme for illdy. Im not too keen to make one myself.

One other thing. I would like CSS for increasing the font size of the text in the body of the about and services sections (including service widgets).

Thanks for your help

Hello @bstalder,

Here is the CSS that you need:

#contact-us {
    background-color: #dda06f;
#about {
    background: #fff;
#services {
    background: #fff;
.front-page-section .section-header p{
    font-size: 17px; /*currently 15px*/

Unfortunately, I do not have a child’s theme files, so you might need to create it yourself.



Hello. I posted before on issues with Illdy theme. nr 1 the header is not responsive both in front page and also blog /pages section.

". Also on the pages section the parts of the drop down menu that overlap the image text is not accessible.

  1. What is the correct size for the header images? All pics I upload regardless big or small displays bad eiter to stretched or too blurry.

  2. Is there a way to copy the contactform section on the first page to the contact page?

link to the page:

THX Alex

Hello @alexrams,

Please create another treads with this issue and also provide screenshots, where possible (for header malfunction, for example).

The header image in the demo is 2000x1250px

I see the menu is working alright, but please try to use this custom css code as an additional fix:

position: relative;
z-index: 99;

You can put the contact form on the contact page as well, just go to Dashboard > Contact > Contact form and copy the form shortcode before pasting it in the text mode editor of the contact page.


I ment copy the styling of the form same as on the front page.