Background image not responsive in home-page

Hi Guys!

I used Shapely for my website ( and I have a problem with the background image used in the Homepage. In Wordpress preview I can see it function properly for every device but on my device phone I see only a small part of it and it is grainy as if it was magnified.

I obtain the same effect in Wordpress preview if I set background-attachment on scroll. How can I solve it?

I tried few css code taken from other support thread but they didn’t solve my problem.

Thank you very much.

Hey guys! Me again :slight_smile:

I’ve solved my problem deleting “background: cover” in CSS and adding width and height at 100%!
Don’t know how but it worked!

Thank you anyway!

hey Laura

thank you for posting solution as well :slight_smile:
Is there anything for me or you fixed everything all together? :smiley:

Everything’s working fine now :slight_smile:

Thank you anyway for your time!

you are welcome :slight_smile:

have a great weekend
this case is closed