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With the Illdy theme I’ve used a background image for the Jumbotron section and the projects section, size 500x332.

On the computer everything works fine, even with a big smartphone. But when it is a smartphone with a smaller screen, the background image is still visible in the Jumbotron section, but not in the projects section. There I can see a ‘brown’ background, in line with the image, but not the image itself.

What can I do about that? Thanks!

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Please always include a link to your page without it we cant check your problem
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The link is:

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I checked the site and the parallax section works fine even on mobile, I see the brown color with the background image.

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Thanks! But when i open the site on a smartphone like samsung with a big screen i can see the image. When i open the site on a smartphone with a smaller screen like iPhone, i see not a picture, but a brown/gray background.

How can i fix this please?

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Works normally for me, please check attached screenshot

It stil doesn’t work. Someone with the same problem?

I checked it once again, works fine on my 3 major browsers, I think the problem is on your side, can you check it with different devices?

I have a similar problem.
Background picture is fixed, not scrolling with the page, in PC and android smartphone, as it is set. However, in my iphone safari browser, background picture is scrolling(moving) together with the contents.
my site is
I am currently using colorlib and shapely
Please help.

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Please open a new ticket and i will help you,
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