Background picture scrolling is different in PC and in iphone safari?

Background picture is fixed, not scrolling with the page, in PC and android smartphone, as it is set. However, in my iphone safari browser, background picture is scrolling(moving) together with the contents.
my site is
I am currently using colorlib and shapely
Please help.

Hi there

Thank you for question
I just checked it with my PC and Android device and indeed background image is fixed, the code used for this image is also working for fixed background image, i can say that background image when its fixed has some problems with IOS devices and os, but this is not theme problem but their browsers, to be honest, i don’t really know when its happening or not happening, some other customers also reported this and when im checking this question in the internet i can find we are not only ones who experience this problem when background image fixed, this only happens on IOS devices and os,
Try this css please, but im not sure it will work or not :slight_smile:

body.custom-background {
-webkit-background-size: fixed;
-moz-background-size: fixed;
-o-background-size: fixed;
background-size: fixed;

or this one:

body.custom-background {
background-position: scroll

Dear Mr Noda
Thank you for your kind reply and explanation.
Regarding your suggested trial code lines, where should i pasted it? Starting from Word Press Dashbourd, if you can guide me to the place where I can find the correct box, then I can try each of your suggestion.
I tried a few box, but it is just shown on the web site as the text.

HI Onyx

ups, sorry about that, thats my fault not providing full track of the css code, you can add that css code in wordpress dashboard > appearance > customize and then at the end of the list you will see additional css, please add code in that field

Dear Noda
Thank you for your kind guiding me to the place to put.
I tried both the code and published to see whether it works in iphone.
Unfortunately, either on your previosuly suggested codes addition did not work and backgrounbd picture is scrolling/moving with the text of the page, while in PC background is fixed and can see even I scrol down the text.

What I have found during adding CSS is

expected *******, but found ******
kind warning message as screen shot a bove.

Is there anyway to modify the code?


Hi there

Well, that’s bad thing :frowning:
no, that cannot be a problem, this is just css warning, I’m not sure what else we can apply here :frowning: