balay template css 'con' help...

hi there!

on full screen i changed the ‘con’ under ‘work’ to display 2 different photos instead of text on index.html - so when in mobile version, where normally the text would hover over the photo, i want it instead to show the first photo is this possible?
i can’t seem to figure it out…

any help greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

here is the code i edited:

										<a> 100</a>
										<a> 49</a>

i turned the con into a secondary image so it shows when hover… but on mobile version it only shows the secondary image when i want the primary image… see what i mean?

thank you!

well apparently i can’t seem to post the code with “code” or “b-quote”

so i’ll screen shot it…

hey there

Please provide full and complete information, what exactly was changed and where? we also need a link to the actual page where this problem is

i changed the “con” style inline on the index.html - the original is attached in the screenshot here

the ‘con’ part is what displays the hover text - instead of text i made it so it changes image - but when the site is mobile on a phone, the con displays when i rather have the “project” class show

basically what i’m asking is, when the site is in mobile, instead of it switching to class ‘con’ how do i make it stay at class ‘project’ ?


the site is currently in localhost

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@masterbeta this will require customization because the template is not designed for such changes, you need to add new style rules and make changes in html, basically, when you start using html template you must be sure you have enough experience to deal with such things

Yes of course but I just want to know what causes the switch to con instead of project when the site goes to cell phone size…

If you could point me in the right direction that would be great thanks…basically without changing the code how would you keep the image in place from project class instead of the con hover overlay when the site goes to small mobile size?

Good evening

basically you are changing class and of course, it will change something in the theme if you want more information you have to provide actual website url, try to put it on the temporary domain somewhere