Blog Category cuts off part of blog post above it

Hi, I’ve inherited a website that uses Shapely, and I have noticed that the category name cuts off part of the last line of the blog post. I have worked around this by adding a short sentence that I don’t care about to the blog post. For example, on the current post entitled " USMS Info on COVID-19", the line “See you in the pool” is covered up by the category name below it. This seems like a spacing issue.

How do I fix this spacing?

Website is

Also - I’d like to import your demo content and play with it, but I’m afraid of what that would do to the existing website…

Hi there

Could you please share the screenshot of the problem?
is this happening on the page you shared?

This is happening on the page I shared
I modified the blog post so its easier to see where the line is cut off. The full line says:

For some reason this line gets cut off…See you in the pool!

But all you can see of that line on the homepage is “you in the pool”. The rest of it is obscured by the category name of the post below. FYI I have modified the CSS so that posts don’t have a featured image, but it was happening before I did that as well.

Thanks, that screenshot helps

It can be fixed by this css code:

.post-content .shapely-category {
bottom: -25px;

Thank you, that fixed the issue :slight_smile:

Nice to hear :slight_smile: