Blog got screwed.

Hello folks!

First I want to thank colorlib for this awesome Illdy theme!

I tried to remove the blog page big header by deleting some script in the editor. Now my whole site is screwed. The website is I did this in the blog-bottom-header.php. I deleted the script then I changed it back, that not helped.

This is this script im talking about:

$custom_blog_archive_title = ; get_bloginfo( ‘name’ )

				// check if the current page being displayed is the same one set in          Settings -> Reading as the blog page.
				// Only for this page we're employing some custom logic to display a custom title.
				// 1. Custom Page title
				// 2. the_archive_title used as fallback

                                    if ( ! empty( $custom_blog_archive_title ) && is_home() ) {
			          echo '<h2>' . esc_html( $custom_blog_archive_title ) . '</h2>';

				} else {
					$archive_title = get_the_archive_title();
					echo '<h2>' . esc_html( $archive_title ) . '</h2>';


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Please use the following Updraft plugin to make a backup of your WordPress then create a child theme using the Child Theme Configurator then activate the child theme and reinstall the main theme. After doing that the child theme should use reinstalled parent theme and if there are any issues after that, you can restore the site with the backup that was created.

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