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Hello I have installed the illdy and it work pretty well. But I have a problem with the menu. In the design view i have the hamburger. But on the desktop in realtime I see the first topic of the menu with the little flash down.

My second problem is that I don’t see the image of the undersides. I have installed it on blog option under “blog archive header image”. What can I do?

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Hello @safsap,

To deal with the menu drop-down please go to Dashboard > Appearances > Menus and get all the menu items out of the parent hierarchy.

To activate the custom header images go to Dashboard > Appearances > Customize > Jumbotron and check the box for dedicated header featured images.

Let me know if you got everything alright or I’m missing anything.

Best regards

Hello Ion

  1. Thanks for your reply. When I get the menu items out of the parent hierarchy they appear in line on top. But I wish the mini “Hamburger” Dropdown Menu.
  2. In the Jumbotron Area I can only handle the Home Sreen picture. I would handle the header image of one of the under sides.
    Djembekurse | SAF SAP NEW GENERATION


I would love to assist you with this, but there’s no styling for the menu items on the large screens and it could get quite tricky to handle all the coding.

Also, I’m not so sure about the jumbotron request, maybe you can provide me a couple of screenshots so I can understand exactly what you are looking for.

Best regards