Blog in SEL Template html

Hi, I have the SEL template and I would like to use the blog. Can someone tell me what system I can use to continue using this theme?
I know I should not use WordPress as this template is HTML, I would like to know what to use, something like Laravel or some Backend to manage the content on this template.

Hey there

You can use anything you want since it’s an HTML template, there is no backend and it will work in any system, basicaly this is depending on you, which technology is better for you?
You may also use it as is, plain html :slight_smile:

Hello, thank you for your reply. I understand that we are free to use the technology that we know and know how to use best. We do not all have the same knowledge, nor the same skill to perform this task.

If you are wondering why I want to do this, it is because I already use “Sel” and I want the blog to have the same design and structure. And I would like the blog to have a content management system.

Do you have plans, or can you do custom work to convert this Theme to another technology?
The most common option would be to convert it into a WordPress theme, but I understand that sometimes it can be complicated to keep the same structure and design using this framework.

I got an open source CMS called Netlify, but I need to convert the HTML theme into another JavaScript technology like Gatsby for example. If you think you can help me, paying for your time of course, I appreciate it.

Hi @miltonardila

I understand you :slight_smile:
Everything can be done, the easiest thing, in this case, is to convert it into WordPress theme, looks like its also acceptable for you, this will definitely require some custom work, if youa re interested get in touch with me, you will find Mail into my bio, just click on my name


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