Blog isn't displaying correctly

  1. Despite turning “show category” off, I can’t get the category to come off of the blog home page. How do I fix this?

  2. How do I get the featured image to stop displaying on the blog grid?

  3. I like the “related posts” section, but the link color isn’t correct. It’s not following my color scheme. How do I fix this??


Please add this Custom CSS in Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS,

.blog .shapely-category {
    display: none;

.blog .entry-header {
    display: none;

.shapely-related-posts .shapely-related-post-title a {
	color: #0084b8;

Let us know,


Thank you! The header images and categories are gone on the main blog page. However, the “related articles” link hover color is still showing up purple.

Also, how can I make it so the blog home page (here: only shows a snippet of the blog, and not the whole thing?

Hi there,

  1. By the related articles you mean the titles of the related links that is what we are going to assume.
    The hover color of those links can be changed with this CSS:
.shapely-related-posts .shapely-related-post-title a:hover{
  1. There is no option for this in the theme and you will either need to modify the theme files to get the_except method used in the those areas instead of the_content method or use the read more tag in the post content areas i.e.

Hope this clears things up.