Blog Page Oddities

First, I love this theme. It’s the first free theme that I actually enjoy using.

The only strange thing I’m seeing is how my news/blog page is rendering. The slider is rendering there (not just the home page) and the blog template seems to render at full/large even though I have it set to “Blog Image Medium.”

I have the WP front page and post page set correctly to my home/news pages respectively.

Any thoughts?

p.s.- Thanks for help in advanced. I’m really impressed with how much you help everyone out on a free theme.

Thank you for your feedback! I use this project while I am learning web development and software engineering in general. I am not pro developer but hopefully will become one day and this project is my learning process. Everything you see here is experimental. Ok, themes are reviewed by experienced developers but it it still experiment.

In your case you have selected static front page and used medium image blog template for front page. So far, so good but you have also selected News page for Post Page and this is where everything goes wrong.

Using that setting theme assumes that it is still static page and shows slider and theme default blog image size which is set to Large(no matter of other settings).

So you should leave “Post Page” blank and use Blog Medium Image template just like you already did with front page.

and BOOM! It’s fixed. You rock. Added five star review to theme.

Awesome! Thank you for review and rating! :slight_smile: