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I am using your theme to write specialised articles, for which I do not want to get people’s comments on the same page.
I have disabled comments in the post, but it still shows the following message ‘comments are disabled for this post’.
How can I make this message disappear?
I really appreciate your help.

Hello Cecilia,

Please send me the website link in a private message so I can check this out and provide you the guidance on how to achieve it.


Dear Colorlib Keymaster,
Many thanks for your reply.
In the meantime, I have kinda sorted out the problem, but not totally.
For the pages I created, I changed the page template from default [which probably was blog template] to no sidebars, and my posts appear in a clean page without the comments off text.

However, the problem still remains with the testimonials page:
please kindly help with this page.

many many thanks.

Hello Cecilia,

Try using this custom CSS code to hide the comments text:

display: none;