Blog pages and post pages are not Working with Travelify

Good morning Aigars,

i don’t know where i do mistake, i explain you

I make a page, with some text and photo inside. I publish it….
when i open page, i see the correct page, but immediatly below, all the old posts :slight_smile:
WHere i do mistake? i want see only the page i did, no all the posts…

Other simple question (for you simple): there is a way that when i add a new page, its added in Home page how it happen with posts?

Many thanks

Could you please provide a screenshot with your problem you mentioned first. Otherwise I am not really sore what you meant by that.

Unfortunately, Pages can’t be displayed along Posts. WordPress does not sort Pages by dates so there will be a lot of confusion in that setup.

However, there are no big difference between Posts and Pages and easier would be to use Posts as Pages. For example you can create Contact Form or About Page or any other by using Posts and link to them via WordPress Custom Menu. You can edit menu via WordPress dashboard – Appearance – Menus.

I hope this helps a bit.

if i send u the url by mail?

You can reach me via support[at]

Hi dear,

i sent email yesterday afternoon…

thank you so much