Blog post image-header

I have been changing little bits here and there the last couple of days finding all the code through this awesome forum, but i couldn’t find how to deal with this…any help its appreciated

A-The feature image in the blog post its cropped by default, i would like it to don’t be cropped, all the images my company uses are square so it would be great if this could be changed.

B-The image used header inside the post is the same than the feature image, is there any way to change or separate it?
Some times the header is too big and in my opinion looks to bulky and ugly.
Other images share the same color with my menu…but the white do look good for the feature image.

     - If it can not be separate is it possible to set an image that appear in all the post headers?

Any CSS its appreciatted, I can adjust myself.

I attach two images, A is the blog, B is inside the post

Hi @brumas,

The header image is taken from the blog posts, from featured image and could not be altered.

Could you send us your website url, and we would check what css code it could make it look better.




I got the same problem. How did you solve it? This is my website url, in case it helps:
Thanks a lot.


I’ve got the same problem.
Can you help me please?
It would be nice even without any photo as a cover there (in blog posts),
I want to live only the one in main blog site.
Thanks a lot.