Blog Post page missing

Hi, a while ago I removed the blog page from the site menu as I was not using it. Now I want to start using it again it cannot figure out how to get it back. I can see at the back of the site my posts in the post section and if I add to the menu it then shows them all as individual pages.
I want to see on the main toolbar front end a menu title “Blog”
I am sure the solution is staring me in the face but I cannot see it.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hey there

You can create new page then set it as a blog page from settings reading, after this page must be added in the menus from appearance > menus :slight_smile:
these are very basic WordPress functions

Dear Noda

Thank you kindly for your response. I now realise they are basic functions and knew the answer was obvious but just could not see it for some reason.
I have some “old” blog posts but they always seem to show as individual pages rather than a continuous blog.

I will start over with a new page. again thank you for your answer as it has helped me!

You are a welcome my friend, we are here to help come back to us anytime you want :slight_smile: