Blog Post wont' load

At the bottom of my blog posts previews on the main page there is a link “See more” for each blog post which would allow the blog post to load in its entirety. Except that it doesn’t. The progress bar slides across the screen and indicates completion and nothing happens. Blue Host says it’s a Wordpress problem. So I am starting here. > Blog > pick one.
I have tried different devices, servers and browsers in a variety of configurations. No luck. Any suggestions?

Hi there

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question :slight_smile:
is this fixed? i just tried it and i was navigated to post without any issues, maybe you already fixed this?
Colorlib Support Team

Hi Thank you for your response. I just want to make sure you clicked on the “See more” at the bottom of the blog preview. No it has not loaded on my end still. It loaded for the Blue Host Tech too but several followers on Instagram and Facebook tried to use the same link in posts and then clicked on “See More” at the bottom of the blog page to expand the preview and it never loaded. I don’t know where to look for the problem now. Any suggestions?


There is no “See more” on the page, i can see only “Read more” button and it works normally for me, i tried other browsers and everywhere i have the same results

Thanks for your help. I appreciate your time.


So, is everything ok now? is this working for you too?