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Does this theme allow custom fields (e.g. externalLink)?

I’d like the title of a Link post to be the URL for the source site.

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So you want to have the title post link to an external website? That would not work out very well so it would be better to add the link into the post body itself.

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Thank you.

That’s exactly what I’m trying to achieve. For example, having a quote from another site that I comment on. The Title of that blog post would be pointing to an external website, but if a blog post that I write, then the link would be to my website.

I was trying to implement what is explained in the link below (forget about the file URL described in there) by using the fields shown in the screenshot.

Is it possible? is there something implemented in the theme to use these fields?


hI there

Not possible by default, you may need to implement third-party plugins or solutions, this is not related to the theme, if you want to implement third-party codes that’s ok but support for such codes cannot be provided by us

Thank you. This is normally implemented in the theme’s functions so was just checking.

Will search for workarounds.


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