Blog posts images on front page + menu with dropdown option only


How can I make my recent/or all image posts and titles (blog posts) show up on my front page?

Also, is there a way to have let’s say “Travels” on my menu but not be able to click on it as it has a drop down menu of the posts in the “Travel” section?

My site is



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  1. Show all post on home page.
    Unfortunately, the theme doesn’t support that option.
    To achieve this will require custom development.

  2. For the menu:
    Use a custom menu link for travels and set the URL to #.
    Then add the links to submenus below.

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1.Since shapely has a portfolio option on the front page, would it be possible to show my posts images on the front page and when clicking on the image, it would bring the audience to the post? If so how do you link the image?

  1. I did add the # to the URL but now if you click on “Travels”, it brings you to a blank page. Is it possible to take away the option to click entirely on it and when they bring the cursor over to “Travels”, only the drop down menu shows up?

Thank you so much!