Blog Setup

I’m setting up a blog on my site.
I added a page named blog and set it’s page template to ‘Blog Image Medium’.

What I want to do is to display posts from only a specific category on this page. Is there some method by which I can tackle this?

Unfortunately options available via Theme Options - Homepage Post Options will work only if blog is used on front page. Personally I would go for category page for blog like I have in theme demo:

It this case you will have to modify content-extensions.php file to use Blog Image Medium for category archive pages. Here is another discussion with code example:

So, If I’m going to use category listing, I’ll have to create a file named category-slug.php right?

So which code should be going inside this to rightly adapt the Blog Image Medium template?

No, it is enough to use default category like this: page
If you are looking to modify website on category bases then you will have a hard time modifying because this theme doesn’t have basic WordPress structure. Well, it does have it in some way but all archive loops and most of the code is inside content-extensions.php instead of category.php.

Okay, So, How do I display my sidebar on category archieves?

Archive uses the same sidebar as the rest of the theme (left or right depending on setup). Or I didn’t understand you correctly?