Blog Template Option --Not available in Page Attributes.

I am trying to add a blog page to an existing layout.
I have watched the videos on YouTube and read the theme instructions. When I went to add the page in Wordpress in the Page Attributes section on the right there was no option under Template for “Blog”. Only options were (Default Template, Left Sidebar, No sidebar). I have tried them all, but none seem to incorporate/display blog posts.
What obvious (to all but me) step did I miss to get this to work?

Thanks so much!


  1. Create a page with any of the template (Default Template, Left Sidebar, No sidebar).
  2. And set that page as “Posts page” in Settings -> Readings.

That way you can add a separate blog page.

If you want to add the blog posts in the home page means, you can go to Appearance -> Customize -> Front Page Sections -> Latest News Section and turn it ON.

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