Blog title and projects section urls

Hi there,

I hope you could help me with two things. Both have been mentioned here already, but the provided solutions aren’t working for me.

  1. Blog title
    When I try to change the title on blog page, it changes the name for the whole site.
    Appearance → Customise → Blog Options → Blog Jumbotron Titles
    If I leave the assigned space empty, the word “Archives” will appear. And that’s not good either.

See attch. 1 (Posts page) → How to change “Arcticwriter” (in the centre of the page in white letters) into “Himmelriikin huipulle”?

  1. Project section urls
    The urls still don’t work even though I’ve tried editing the code as suggested here:

When the pictures in Projects section are clicked, they only open in larger image size.
See attach. 2 (Image)

So, what shall I try next? Thanks for your help in advance!

Kind Regards,

Saila Vaara