Blog usage - First Image Click to show full post/featured image

Hi, thanks for the new theme! I am currently testing it out using the theme test drive plugin, and noticed that this theme doesn’t default to using ‘featured’ image/cuts the post for me. It shows all text and when I cut the post myself and there is a ‘more’ button’, clicking on the first image does not link/show full post as I thought it should based on what i saw in demo. Instead it brings me to the image url and enlarges it. Is there something I am missing here?


Seems I have figured out my issue… I only need to use a featured image and cut before everything else in order to click to full post.
My other question though is how to use the carousel on top of all my posts on the homepage? right now i have the homepage set to my latest posts. I see the carousel will pop up within posts if I add that code, but the carousel does not pop up on top of the posts. it also doesn’t change if i create a page to house my latest posts on. does the carousel only work on a standalone static page?

I will look into this if this can come in the theme as “feature” but for now you can add this code to index.php. This can be done via Child Theme as well.

<?php echo do_shortcode('[image-carousel twbs="3"]'); ?>

It depends on how you would like the slider to be displayed, so just play around where this code should be located. It will resize your slider automatically based on other content element width.

I think I’ve got it - thanks!